yoshino gypsum product
Yoshino Board Regular
YOSHINO BOARD REGULAR is the standard board widely used for most applications such as interior walls, ceilings, and partitions. It is suitable for using as base layers for decorations with paint and wallpaper.
Yoshino Moisture Resistance
YOSHINO MOISTURE RESISTANCE is the water-resistant version of Yoshino Board with moisture resistant additives in the core faced and backed with water repellent liners. Yoshino Moisture Resistant Gypsum board can be used as base layers for variety of constructions.
Yoshino Hi-clean Board
YOSHINO HI-CLEAN BOARD has the ability to absorb and decompose formaldehyde without losing excellent qualities of gypsum board. This enables to reduce levels of formaldehyde concentration in a room and bring us improved air quality and comfortable living spaces.
Yoshino Fire Resistance Board
YOSHINO FIRE RESISTANCE is a reinforced gypsum board with glass fiber in the core, which offers increased levels of fire resistance. It’s used as fire-resistant partition walls or quasi- fireproof walls in high-rise buildings.
Yoshino Board 8mm
Yoshino Board 8mm is popular as the flatness and the best anti-sagging properties


Yoshino Gypsum is a Japanese brand with more than 110 year-old history of manufacturing the constructing material from gypsum. With our experienced techniques throughout our long history, we are confident to be capable of world-top producing speed, to make high quality and stably-produced products.

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