Yoshino Gypsum


Japanese plasterboard, bringing a safe and comfortable living space.

Established on March 2, 1937

Headquarters: Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

General Director: Mr. Eisaku Sudo

Market share: 81% in Japan (2015 figures)

Sales: about 130 billion yen


Yoshino Gypsum is a Japanese brand specializing in the production of gypsum-related building materials, with a start-up history dating back more than 120 years. Originating from gypsum quarrying, over a century, based on the accumulation of experience and application of the most advanced production techniques, Yoshino Gypsum is always confident with high quality product lines. and stable.

In Japan, Yoshino Gypsum has 20 manufacturing plants, including the world's leading factories in the suburbs of Tokyo. System of sales offices spread across the country with 31 branches, in order to meet all requirements of customers in a timely manner. In addition, we also have product showrooms, high-tech research and application centers, technical research institutes and integrated performance testing centers, etc.

The product quality management system of Yoshino Gypsum has been certified to the international standard for quality ISO 9001 and the international standard for the environment ISO14001 certification.





Yoshino Gypsum entered the Vietnamese market in 2016 and established Yoshino Gypsum Vietnam Co., Ltd in October 2017.

Yoshino Gypsum Vietnam factory located in Phu My 3 specialized industrial zone, Phu My town, Ba Ria Vung Tau province, was started in July 2019 and completed in July 2021, with a capacity of 20,000,000 m2/year.

In Vietnam, we are present in almost provinces and cities across the country. The brand of gypsum board Yoshino, also known as Japanese Gypsum Board, has become more popular with customers in recent times.







Our Vision and Mission

Producing products that are friendly to the Earth's environment

At Yoshino Gypsum, from the very beginning, we have always strived to protect the Earth's environment on the basis of efficient use of gypsum by-products discharged from thermal power plants, or specialized paper production. Use for plaster is based on the recycling and reuse of old paper. We always value limited resources and aim to produce environmentally friendly products.

Products create prosperous values ​​in life

Our business mission is to provide our customers with products that bring safety (fireproof, heat resistant) and comfort (sound absorption, heat insulation, air cleaning, etc.) ). Besides building materials, we also offer a wide range of other products such as soil improvement materials, dental plaster, etc.

Proud to be an enterprise with dynamic human resources

Having received the trust of customers, Yoshino Gypsum has been able to develop into a leading enterprise in the gypsum building materials industry with a long history. In the future, we always pursue the work of bringing high quality products, with a mind of creative desire and willingness to challenge new things.




The factory reaches full production capacity.

Yoshino Gypsum Vietnam factory comes into operation


Commencement of construction of Yoshino Gypsum Vietnam factory.

Established Yoshino Gypsum Vietnam Co., Ltd.


Established Yoshino Gypsum Indonesia Co., Ltd., started to build a factory in Jakarta

Completed Sendai Research Center, a branch of the most advanced technology development facility.


Celebrating 110 years of starting a business

Completed Chiba 3 factory, a factory with the world's leading production capacity.


Celebrating 100 years of starting a business. Completed Toranomon building, which is the most advanced technology development facility.

Completed the Center for General Performance Testing with the world's leading level of sound absorption and fire resistance measurement.


Obtained ISO9001, 9002 international quality management certificate for Yoshino Corporation

Celebrating 90 years of starting a business


Celebrating the company's 50th anniversary. Completed Chiba 2 factory – No. 1 plaster factory in Dong A

Celebrating 80 years of start-up


Established Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd

Started production of gypsum board


Started mining of gypsum stone in the mountains of Yoshino, Yamagata prefecture.



Yoshino plasterboard products are proud to appear in many large and small projects across the country thanks to the efforts of partners, the trust of investors and general contractors and Yoshino's commitment to quality.


Yoshino Gypsum is a Japanese brand with more than 110 year-old history of manufacturing the constructing material from gypsum. With our experienced techniques throughout our long history, we are confident to be capable of world-top producing speed, to make high quality and stably-produced products.

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