History of Yoshino Gypsum

1901: Started mining gypsum at Yoshino Mine in Yamagata Prefecture.

1922: Started production of gypsum board.

1937: Incorporated as Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd.

1980: 80th anniversary of the company's founding was celebrated.

1987: 50th anniversary of the company’s incorporation. Completion of the Chiba II Plant of Toyoichi.

1988: Tsuneo Sudo retired as president and became chairman; Eiichiro Sudo succeeded his position as president.

1990: 90th anniversary of the company's founding was celebrated. The "Yoshino Gypsum 90-year Chronicle" was published.

1999: Yoshino Gypsum Group received certification for the international quality management principles, ISO 9001, 9002.

2001: Constructed and completed the world's top laboratory facility "Total Quality Testing Center" in the Chiba II Plant.

2002: Completion of “Yoshino Gypsum Toranomon Building”, our broadcast center for spreading the latest technical information.

2007: Inherited the business of Nihon Boka Light Kogyo Co., Ltd., which was renamed to NBL Co., Ltd. as a part of Yoshino Group.
Opened the “Kita-Kyushu Training Center”.
Completion of the “Chiba III Plant” that is equipped with a world-class production capacity.

2010: A memorial celebration was held for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the company's founding.
Completion of a new plant of Nihon Solaton Co., Ltd.
三Acquired Duracrete sales and import business from Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

2012: Opened the “Sendai Training Center”.

2016: Established the Yoshino Gypsum Indonesia Co., Ltd. and started to construct the Factory of Yoshino Gypsum Indonesia in Jakarta.

2017: Established the Yoshino Gypsum Viet Nam Co., Ltd.


Yoshino Gypsum is a Japanese brand with more than 110 year-old history of manufacturing the constructing material from gypsum. With our experienced techniques throughout our long history, we are confident to be capable of world-top producing speed, to make high quality and stably-produced products.

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