History of the constructing material “gypsum”

“Gypsum” is a material that has been developed throughout mankind’s civilization.

- From 7000BC, gypsum can be found on “gypsum coated walls” in archaeological sites.

At the ancient city states of Mesopotamia, near the Tigris-Euphrates rivers – which is one of the world’s oldest mankind birthplaces, a wall coated by gypsum was surprisingly discovered.

- In 5000BC, gypsum was used in the constructing of the Pyramids.

The Pyramids can be recognized as the symbol of Ancient Egypt’s civilization. Gypsum was used as a material similar with cement, for bonding the limestone blocks essentially for building up the Pyramids. And, on the coffins at the royal tombs of family members like King Khufu, beautifully carved gypsum minerals was also used as material rocks (Alabaster rocks).

- In the 13th century, calcined gypsum was the necessary decorating material in royal palaces.

At the same time as European civilization was developing, gypsum had become a typical widely-used construction material. King Henry II of England had praised the high quality of the gypsum produced in France’s Paris, he called them “Plaster of Paris”, and used them to decorate the Westminter Abbey and the Nottingham Castle.

- In the 16th century, gypsum had made the style of the Baroque - Rococo art, which has still remained in the history of construction.

The Renaissance culture born in Florence, Italy was quickly widening all over West Europe. Gypsum (plaster) being the leading factor of interior decorating, was used in decorating the mesmerizing Baroque - Rococo churches and royal chateaus.

- In the 17th century, gypsum plaster, gypsum board were born in North American, Canada.

At the same time as when the America continent was found, there was a large number of immigrants from Europe moving to the new lands. The first buildings which were built on lands abundant in wood and gypsum materials, were also a bit different than the European stone architectures. The outer-walls were in the “Log house style” made of wood, and the interior-walls had started with being thickly coated by highly fire-resistant gypsum plaster. Not long after that, as the needs for houses arose, coating gypsum plaster had begun the development of “plaster boards” which is becoming much more effective in constructing work.


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