1. Our Production Methods are in Harmony with Global Environment

In Yoshino Gypsum, we have been actively engaged in "Global Environmental Conservation Issues" since our earliest days, and have successfully established various techniques and facilities which take the global environment into consideration. These include an efficient technology for using gypsum by-product as a raw material, a recycling system collecting waste gypsum board from construction sites and the reuse of it at our plants and a gypsum board liner production system using recycled paper. We always aim to continue developing our production systems with great consideration for the limited natural resources of the world, in order to maintain harmony within the global environment.

2. Our Products Create Healthy Living Environment

"Our corporate mission is to provide our customers and consumers with products bringing Safety (Fire Resistance) and Comfort (Sound Insulation, Heat Insulation and Air Refreshment) to their living spaces. We provide a wide range of products including dental gypsum products, soil conditioner as well as building and construction products.

3. We Take Pride in Our Vibrant Human Resources

Yoshino Gypsum has grown into one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of gypsum building materials, with over 100 years of experience in the field. This has been achieved through the considerable ongoing support we receive from our customers. We aim to continue providing high-quality products and services with faithfulness and the spirit of challenge.




Yoshino Gypsum is a Japanese brand with more than 110 year-old history of manufacturing the constructing material from gypsum. With our experienced techniques throughout our long history, we are confident to be capable of world-top producing speed, to make high quality and stably-produced products.

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